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The documents required for Taiwan Patent Application

In order to file a patent application in Taiwan, the following documents/information is required:

1. Specification, claims and drawings;

2. The information of the applicant/inventor(s), including the names, addresses and nationalities;

3. Information of the priority application including name of country, filing date and filing number, if the priority is to be claimed;

4. An executed Assignment signed by the inventors if the inventors are not applicants;

5. Power of Attorney signed by the representative of the applicant;

6. Certified Copy of Priority Document, if any priority is to be claimed.

Please note that the documents/information 1, 2 & 3 must be filed concurrently with filing.

The documents 4 and 5 can be submitted later on, but the maximum term of such extension cannot exceed six months from the filing date.

As to the certified copy of priority document, three months is allowed within three months from the filing date, and if failing to submit it by the due date, the claimed priority will invalid.


For Taiwan Trademark Application

1. Power of Attorney, signed by the applicant (within 3 months after filing);

2. The diagram or word of the mark (in black and white or in color);

3. Specification of goods or services in International Classification. One trademark application covers only one class;

4. Priority document (if priority is claimed) (within 3 months after filing);

5. The name, address, nationality of the applicant, and of the representative of a company (if any).









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